Meet the Team

About Family House

Family House is a great new game all about your old family. This all new social game allows you to explore your family history like never before. Meet and greet your ancestors while introducing them to the rest of your family to bring everyone together for the first time.


I'm Robbie and I'm managing the development of Family House; the whole team here is working hard towards making this new experience one that you'll want to play again and again. It's been a really interesting challenge for us to add some fun and games to family tree records - I hope you get as much of a kick from seeing your family on screen as we get from ours. Watch this space though, as there's a ton of new features coming soon! Between moments worrying about Family House I'm usually gallivanting somewhere around the country in an effort to stay in shape; games development not being the most active of professions (which reminds me, we need to add body weight into Family House).


Hi, I'm Jamie and I'm the lead artist on the Family House project. I've worked on lots of games in the past and really enjoyed making the art style for Family House. The challenge of creating lots of different clothing styles spanning hundreds of years has been really good. I am looking forward to adding lots more over time!


Hi everyone, I'm graeme and I'm the lead software developer on the game.