What's in the Box?

This week saw the biggest update to Family House to date. We've had lots of great feedback over the last few weeks and the new features were a result of this! So thanks to everyone that has played and everyone who has contacted us to let us know what they think.

Cleaning the house is now a lot more manageable. Your house is no longer infinitely dirty! You can now finish the cleaning task every day, our ghostly guide will let you know when you have done this. Your energy is also now related to the number of people you have in your Family House... Read more and comment

Mystery Features!

There are some great new features added this week, as well as the usual list of bug fixes. The team have also spent some time this week doing some preparation for nexts week's update, which is going to be another big one! There is lots to see and do this week as well, let us know if you like the new additions! Read more and comment

New Updates

We have been hard at work this week at Family House. We have added lots of new features including the ability to share your characters with friends and family! Read more and comment


Hello to all our new players. Thank you very much for being part of something new. We are working hard to continually update our game, and all the newest updates will be posted in here. Because the game is still so new, there may be a few problems and issues with it. If you find any of these, don't panic, we will automatically be notified and will work as fast as we can to fix it. Read more and comment

New Game

After several long months we are slowly making our new game, and a new site to go with it! We will soon be letting you play the latest version of Family House, we even have a page all set up for it. Read more and comment