New Features

Hello everyone.

This week saw the biggest update to Family House to date. We've had lots of great feedback over the last few weeks and the new features were a result of this! So thanks to everyone that has played and everyone who has contacted us to let us know what they think.

Cleaning the house is now a lot more manageable. Your house is no longer infinitely dirty! You can now finish the cleaning task every day, our ghostly guide will let you know when you have done this. Your energy is also now related to the number of people you have in your Family House, so the more you add, the more energy you will have!

The ghostly guide has also left a mysterious box in the hall way. I wonder what could be in it? He said he will let you open it in 7 days!

Finally, there is a new box in the kitchen. Unpack it to reveal a shiny new cooker! You can now cook fresh hot meals for all your family. Make sure you have grown plenty of ingredients from the garden though! Fresh home cooked meals always taste better than cold food out the fridge!

We hope you enjoy all these new features. There are a few more hidden surprises! Make sure you check back and play now to find them all!